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Storyline Mathematics

Welcome to Mastory!

The Interactive Sci-Fi Story of Math

Mastory creates a binge-watching approach to math education that helps students immediately experience the relevance of mathematics.

Students become the heroes of our fantasy world by taking part in the adventures of our fictional characters.

Together, they solve exciting challenges with the skills they learn in regular classes.

The Three Pillars of Mastory

The vPhone

If you are a student, Mastory's virtual phone app is your gateway to our fantasy world. Keep in touch with our characters and experience the adventure together!

Immersive Story

Instead of solving algebraic problems just for the sake of school, students tackle the tasks at hand as part of a greater mission.

Teachers’ Dashboard

As a teacher, you can view student activities with achievement-oriented feedback. Adjust and curate Mastory's episodes to your preferred teaching pace!

A dedicated teacher

Focus on Teaching

You can devote your time and energy into finding a good explanation. We make sure your students are going to listen. The episodes of Mastory are designed to appeal to students' interest by presenting how the math skills learned in your math classes can be used to overcome real obstacles.

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Enjoy Learning Algebra

Math can be addictive! It's so much more than just countless equations and made up word problems. Turn math into your superpower and make a difference.

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Be a Part of Mastory’s Story

Mastory's adventurous tales are thrilling to students because what will happen next is always a mystery. Creating excitement for young people and giving them the motivation to want to learn more is our mission. Everybody can contribute with his/her voice.

Supported by

»The children learn to learn with others and develop active social behavior. [Mastory’s] method thus contributes with its various facets to students' developing their personality, as required by the educational mandate. «

Anne Thomas

in her thesis on Mastory's underlying method

»This concept opens up spaces for students to freely express their ideas, make mistakes and correct themselves and each other. «

Dr. Hauke Straehler-Pohl

Scientific Assistant, Free University of Berlin

»The children are absolutely thrilled! Even those who come so close on average days were much too early to arrive this morning. «

Heni Carstens

Rosa Parks Elementary School, Berlin

»The pandemic presents us with special challenges at school, and we are all stressed out by them - teachers and students alike. Thanks to Mastory, we were able to forget about that for a short time. I highly recommend it to everyone. «


Elementary school teacher

»After attending the course, the children have remained interested in programming. When I asked them what topics they are interested in for science class, they said they want to program a robot. «

Christiane Fleischmann

Karlsgarten Elementary School, Berlin

»This approach creates a new form of collectivity and interaction among the students, which is highly interesting for educational research as well. «

Prof. Uwe Gellert

Free University of Berlin

Let’s Get In Touch!

Our vision is a democratic, student-centered education system. We show how to engage and support students with different personalities, strengths, knowledge, backgrounds, and interests to help them make the best out of who they are, rather than standardize their thinking.