About us

Mastory is revolutionizing Math Education with Engaging Video Game Techniques.
At Mastory, we're passionate about making mathematics learning an exciting adventure for students. Our innovative platform uses the thrill of video games to teach math, blending educational rigor with fun. Our mission is to transform math from a challenging subject into an enjoyable experience, fostering a love for learning among young learners. With Mastory, math becomes a captivating journey filled with interactive challenges and rewards. In a nutshell, we make learning math feel like a video game.


Bence Tornai

COO & Business 

Bence studied commerce and marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest and financial management at Nyenrode Business University (NL). Bence is the strategic and business development leader and responsible for Mastory’s communication strategy.

Márta J Vitális

CEO & Content 

Márta studied mathematics, physics and educational sciences at Humboldt University Berlin and University of Bern. The original initiator of Mastory's approach, she virtuously keeps together the strings between didactics and arts, business, technology and scientific evaluation.

Felix Schwarz, PhD

CTO & Product

Felix studied mathematics and philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin and University of Kyoto before obtaining his Ph.D. at University of Hamburg. Felix leads the development and integration of the various digital components to perfectly match the mathematical topics.

Laszlo Bieber

Creative Writer



Design partner

Budapest-based product design studio founded by Mátyás Czél, focused on adaptive brand experiences and modular design systems