Our Didactic Principles

There is little more important to us than staying true to our beliefs. Whether it's primary or secondary stage education, analog or digital, in class or at home: It is always the same set of didactic principles that rules our actions and developments.
A child in a spacesuit with a book instead of an oxygen bottle

Mathematics: The Know-How of Imagination

Mastory turns topics from standard curricula into engaging interactive storylines. With Mastory, the students experience math as real-life challenges in the context of a highly dynamical participatory game with real-world extensions. These stories evolve dynamically based on students' interactions, judgements and calculations, so each decision the students make along the way impacts the course of the game.

Another little spaceman

Math is Emotional!

Mastory’s adventurous tales are thrilling to students because their outcomes are uncertain. The intentionally designed structure of these complex stories create excitement and thereby capture the students’ attention. The math problems are organically integrated into the storyline, making them more accessible and easier for students to understand. Through small contributions and learning from mistakes, all students experience success together and improve team performance.

The tree of fantasy

Math is Versatile!

We know that every child (and adult) can find their own approach to math and that people are different: One loves patterns and design, the next loves cataloging and analysing, the third is enthusiastic about quests, and a fourth loves to discuss and argue. The Mastory framework integrates as many and as diverse mathematical approaches as possible – so that it has something for everyone!

Countless squares arranged in a rectangle shape

Mathematical Understanding Roots in Experience

The world shows mathematical correlations everywhere, on both a large and small scale. By placing students in the fantasy world of Mastory, we create innumerable opportunities for them to discover and experience mathematical relationships.

A match close up

Experience of Regularity + Reflection = Understanding

Conversations are required in order to gain mathematical understanding from experiences and actions. Our courses therefore create plenty of opportunities for discussion between the students. Our characters establish sharing mathematical ideas, even if they are not complete or correct. We know there is no thinking without dead ends, no progress without struggling. We support teachers to create a learning environment where everybody can feel safe enough to start thinking and to share thoughts.

An astronaut in free flight through space

Bringing Math to Life

A unique advantage of Mastory is that it helps educators holistically form the mathematical behavior of their students:

  • How do I approach a problem - schematically, strategically, intuitively?
  • What is actually important to me?
  • What do I do if the result of my experiment looks different from what I expected?
In a playful approach to new and unforeseen situations, we learn together to ask and answer these questions. This trains mathematical thinking and intuition, judging and acting - which are important preconditions of long-term success. Educators are still indispensable, as they are the ones who explain the concepts with patience and train the students’ endurance. What we do is to awaken their interests and open up their minds to be curious about what only math educators can teach them.