About us

Mastory was founded in 2020 by a German-Hungarian Team. We are currently supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the only non-US grantee of the Balance the Equation Grand Challenge.
A photo of Márta J Vitális

Márta J Vitális

CEO & Product Development

Márta studied mathematics, physics and educational sciences at Humboldt University Berlin and University of Bern. The original initiator of Mastory's approach, she virtuously keeps together the strings between didactics and arts, business, technology and scientific evaluation.

A photo of Dr. Felix Schwarz

Dr. Felix Schwarz

CTO & Product Development

Felix studied mathematics and philosophy at Humboldt University Berlin and University of Kyoto before obtaining his Ph.D. at University of Hamburg. Felix leads the development and integration of the various digital components to perfectly match the mathematical topics.

A photo of Bence Tornai

Bence Tornai

COO & Business Development

Bence studied commerce and marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest and financial management at Nyenrode Business University (NL). Bence is the strategic and business development leader and responsible for Mastory’s communication strategy.

A photo of Balázs Kálmánczhey

Balázs Kálmánczhey

Project Management

Balázs studied commerce and marketing at Corvinus University of Budapest and worked as an Account Manager with international creative agencies in Budapest and London. He is responsible for managing the technical and content development of the product and the implementation of the founders' vision.

A photo of Alida Szabó

Alida Szabó

Research Lead

Alida studied Sociology, Literature and Area Studies at the University of Debrecen (HU) and at Humboldt University Berlin (DE). She worked for NGOs, in market research and as a filmmaker. Her amazing analytical, visual and verbalizing skills make her the perfect match to lead the scientific evaluation of Mastory.

A photo of Marere J Alshuth

Marere J Alshuth

International Relations

Marere studied business administration in Vienna and worked as an event manager with international artists before joining Mastory. His ability to approach anyone on equal level is without parallel and allows him to share his enthusiasm about Mastory's vision to inspire others.

A photo of Cameron M Elmore

Cameron M Elmore

Screenwriter + Director

Award-winning filmmaker Cameron does the creative writing and directs the videos embedded into Mastory’s interactive sci-fi game. He earned a bachelor of science in film production from The Los Angeles Film School.